via Daily Prompt: Realize

Neurons fired a cascade of pleasure. A sensuous flow like warm, colorful lashings of creamy running paint, dripping through the interior of his skull. The smooth lapping of contentment began to flow and tumble through every inch of his body. The internal well from which it flowed felt eternal. It rushed forward, up and out. It started in his stomach, or perhaps his chest, and rushed like the waters of a storm, filling his extremities. Soon he felt as if he would overflow. Looking for an escape, the liquid welled and formed in his eyes. It dripped lines of pink and purple, blue and violet, red. It felt as if the essence of his being was raining forth. Slamming shut the ledger he had been working from Michael stood, emerging from the walls of his tiny cubical. He gasped and choked of the pure emotion that oozed from his eyes and dripped from his nose. Around him, his coworkers stared blankly, some curiously, unable to compute this strange show of expression; the inconceivable rainbow. Grasping his briefcase and throwing his jacket across his forearm Michael left – left his cubical empty. In the elevator, the reaisation began to dawn. This was it. This was what he had been puzzling over for so many years, the idea at the edge of his mind, the words at the tip of his tongue. This was what he was meant to do. As the elevator doors opened he trotted towards the heavy glass door. Swinging it open he skipped lightly down the stairs. Not waiting for the lights he crossed the street, making a beeline for the park ahead. Running now, he reached the fence that divided the park from the concrete footpath he now dashed across. Drops of colour splashed across his cheeks and scattered across the sidewalk. Feeling no time to navigate to the gate of the park, Michael threw his briefcase and jacket over the fence. He scrambled up the high, iron grey bars, swinging his legs around to sit atop the barrier. Michael smiled and closed his eyes as he launched himself forward.On contact, as he met the soft green of the grass, he felt himself give way. The aches and pains, the headaches that had plagued him for years, dissolved. Solid to liquid. Splashes of warm, colourful liquid.


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